SPECIALIZING IN DRESSAGE … Whether you are interested in competitive Dressage, pleasure riding or you simply want to improving your flatwork for jumping, I can help. Dressage will improve your communication skills with your horse, which will enable a more pleasurable ride for both of you.  Dressage will also help your horse develop a better topline, giving them a fitter/stronger back which will help them stand up better to the stress of every day life and sport.

Why Choose Wild Rose Equine Services?

I have close to 30 years experience with horses (from handling foals, to breaking colts, to competing).  I’ve taught a variety of students from beginner riders (Western and English) up to advanced dressage riders (3rd Level Dressage Competitors).  Although, my specialty (and passion) is dressage, I have had many jumping students who feel dressage has improved their horses for the sport of jumping.    Horses trained in my program become more confident, relaxed and obedient both in the saddle and on the ground.  Why not call today to talk about how dressage can help you and your horse!

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I hired Cynthia Adams from February 2013 to October 2014 to train my Hanoverian mare Wallpullicella.  When I shipped Wallpullicella from BC to Alberta for Cynthia to train, she was confirmed at 2nd level dressage and had started schooling 3rd.  After a year and a half of training with Cynthia, Wallpullicella was showing at 4th level and schooling Prix St. Georges.  I have been very happy with Cynthia's riding and training methods and professionalism while she worked for me.  I would not hesitate to recommend Cynthia as a professional dressage trainer and wish her the very best in all her dressage pursuits.

Beth Regehr,
Coldstream, British Columbia

A year and a half ago I had my horse listed for sale.  Thankfully, the sale fell thru and I decided to contact Cynthia.  I had not been riding very long and did not understand how to properly work with my horse.  Cynthia has helped us come so far in this past year that I would not dream of selling my mare anymore.  I now have a horse that I feel connected with and she is a joy to ride.  She is supple, forward and relaxed.  I am able to use my body to communicate much more effectively and I learn something new every lesson.  I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.  Thank you so much Cynthia!! (2016)

Stacy Miller,
Water Valley, Alberta

Cynthia, I cannot thank you enough for your recommendation and my eventual purchase of Silko.  He is maturing into one of the finest riding horses I have ever owned - even at a mere five years old, his athleticism and disposition are world class.  Your professionalism and honesty in dealing with me as a client, a client living thousands of miles away, shall remain something I will forever share with others as it has been a remarkable experience for me.  Kindest Regards! (Sept 17, 2007)

Emmy Schmid,
Florida, USA

I wanted to send this short and heartfelt thank you to you and your family.  Although being three Provinces away, you enabled the entire purchasing and delivery process to be seamless.  You provided much detail about Monique's temperament, health history and her offspring which allowed us to purchase her sight unseen with confidence.  We are pleased and impressed with Monique and her beautiful colt, Monarco.  It's refreshing to deal with someone like you; honest, sincere and professional, in the horse industry.  Thank you (March 17, 2010)

Heather Fair,
London, Ontario

During the many years of my riding career, I have been coached by many different coaches from Dressage, Cross Country to Show Jumping.  I wish I had known Cynthia back when I started my competitive career.  I have learned so much about how to use my body and how to communicate what I want and need to the horse in such a short time, it is amazing.  Cynthia has a clear and concise way of telling you how to accomplish a particular movement that the student gets how it is done quickly.  Cynthia is also very good at judging the ability of the rider and when it is time to ask more from both horse and rider so that you are always progressing in your ability and you always feel that you are getting better.  When you ride with Cynthia, you feel that you have completed a clinic not just an everyday lesson. (2013)

Sherry Roeder,
Didsbury, Alberta

Cynthia has been training my dressage horses for almost 2 years now.  Cynthia has a way of keeping the horses interested, engaged and progressing all the while keeping the horse's best interest in the forefront.  Any horse training with Cynthia will be a happy, relaxed horse displaying the manners, training and progression that we all hope to see in our horses.  I have no reservations in recommending Cynthia as a competent and talented trainer. (2013)

Doreen Kulcsar,
Key Warmbloods Red Deer, Alberta

I started riding as an 8 year old back in Halifax, Nova Scotia and I have been with primarily hunter and jumper coaches.  Riding has never come easily to me.  Early in my riding career, I had a nasty accident and took a long break.  After moving out west, I began riding again but had a lot of emotional baggage from the accident and found myself going from coach to coach.  In 2008, I purchased my dream horse (a weanling Friesian cross we called "Country").  Cynthia put the first winter under saddle on Country as a 3 year old and then started coaching me and Country in dressage.  The progress I feel I have made in my riding is remarkable.  I feel more secure in my position and feel much more confident riding.  In the spring of 2014 my family (horse included) and I moved back to Halifax, Nova Scotia to be close to family.  Country and I have started with a new coach and continue to have success but it is not the same without Cynthia.  I can say that Cynthia will always be that one coach for me; the one that inspired and pushed me to be better.  I will continue riding but there will always be a huge part missing without Cynthia there with her consistent encouragement and friendship.

Amy Birchall, RAHT,
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Dear Cynthia, Caprice is continuing to be as incredible as his initial impression promised us.  I can hardly wait for him to show off his lofty movement at his first show!  We are loving his personality; he is quite brave and willing, very respectful but friendly and curious towards people, extremely clever and intelligent, and an absolute joy to work with every day.  Every equine professional who has seen or handled him is amazed by his quality.  His conformation, movement, character, and manners are outstanding!  Thanks to your knowledgeable early handling, it is so easy to continue his education and I often forget he is only several months old, not yet an adult.  We are so grateful for your expertise and professionalism, from the first phone call to the day "Caprice" was shipped to us.  Your continued advice and support gave me the confidence I needed in the first few weeks of having him home.  You have made the entire buying experience easy and honest; your love of your animals shines through clearly!  Thank you for bringing such a special little champion into our barn. (January 16, 2008)

Erica Moser-Reschreiter,
Vernon, BC